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WHO are you and WHY do you do this job?

When I raise this question in a 1-1 coaching, leadership training or team workshop, people look at me in ‘deep silence’. Their body language tells me: “Is this what we pay you for… for raising these kinds of questions? “ My answer: ‘Yes indeed, that is exactly what you pay me for”. Because of the...
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Please talk to me… before I decide to leave

This could be a quote from a movie. Unfortunately, it’s a quote valid for many of our companies. We all know that the ‘hunt for good people’ has increased. Of course, we all want the best people in our company. But once they are in, how do we treat them? How much do we invest...
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Ikigai : unrealistic Japanese hype?

First of all: I’d like to thank Lut, my dear colleague, for introducing this topic to me. Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning ‘A reason for being’. In the meantime I’ve studied the concept and read the book ‘Ikigai, the Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life’. I believe it’s a great, but simple...
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