Please talk to me… before I decide to leave

talk to me

This could be a quote from a movie. Unfortunately, it’s a quote valid for many of our companies.

We all know that the ‘hunt for good people’ has increased. Of course, we all want the best people in our company. But once they are in, how do we treat them? How much do we invest in them? And… how much time do we spend talking to them ?

Let me tell you a little story. Once I was introduced to a general manager who seemed to be really frustrated. When I came in, he suddenly said “One of my best team members told me today – just out of blue – he is leaving our team. And yet – as you can see –  my door is always open… ? “

Honestly, I did not know how to react. This was the first time I met him. So I replied: “I see your door is open, but why didn’t he come in and talk to you?”

It’s my conviction that managers should talk more with their team members. And this for a simple reason: if you don’t talk to them inside your company, they will talk to people outside your company and make up their minds.. 

I know talking to people takes time. But keep in mind how much time and money you need to hire someone else.

Honestly, we do not have the ultimate answer, but you could talk to us first 😊.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jos Moons
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