Insights Discovery

Bureau Jos Moons is licensed to work with the Insights Discovery® system.

Insights Discovery® allows to identify psychological preferences rapidly, reliably and respectfully.

The system, which is based on the ground-breaking work of Carl Jung, uses a unique colour scheme to promote self-understanding, effective communication and organisational development.

Our approach is based on the simple model shown here.

Insights Discovery® combines simplicity with profundity. The model features four aspects of the personality, expressed in colour quadrants:

Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green en Cool Blue.

Everyone has and uses all four colours to varying degrees. However, the sequence and intensity of our colour use are unique and determine our personal style.

Our preference for a particular colour indicates the way of thinking, working and communicating that we find most natural.

The four personality colours
on a good day
The four personality colours
on a bad day

The Insights Discovery® Profile is a reliable and statistically validated tool based on a value-free colour scheme that is easy to use and is rapidly accepted. This profile is applicable at all levels of your organisation. The fact that it is available in 25 languages and 35 countries makes it highly suitable for international teams or organisations.

Participants complete an online questionnaire of 25 multiple-choice questions that takes a maximum of 20 minutes. On the basis of this, a Personal Insights Discovery® Profile is drawn up.

The Insights Discovery® Profile is based on the belief that everyone is unique. It shows that individuals, teams and organisations can gain in strength by recognising, valuing and capitalising on the differences between people. The effectiveness of communication and interaction is closely connected with the extent to which interlocutors adapt to and connect with one another.

Insight into our own behavioural style and that of others helps us to increase the effectiveness of our interactions. It is precisely the differences that provides the impetus to collaborate and achieve goals.

The Insights Discovery® Profile also gives you an understanding of how much you are putting into both your good qualities and your less well developed aspects, where your greatest challenges lie or where you may be lacking a challenge.

All of these things make the Insights Discovery® Profile a unique tool that both challenges you to stretch yourself in less well developed areas and stimulates growth on the basis of strength.

Each profile contains a basic chapter covering personal style and approach, main strengths and weaknesses, value for the team, communication style, possible blind spots, opposite type and suggestions for development.

The information from the basic chapter can be extended with supplementary Discovery® chapters covering specific areas for development.

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