Personal coaching

Coaching: our vision

Coaching is not

  • Giving the coachee instant solutions
  • Imposing a vision on the coachee

Coaching is:

  • Motivating the coachee to reflect on his/her problems
    • Through specific questions
    • By ‘mirroring’ his/her convictions
    • By ‘reframing’ his/her problems
  • Stimulating the coachee to search for own alternatives
    • Stimulating self-responsibility
    • (Learning to) make own choices
  • Motivating the coachee to take action
    • Concretising the found alternatives
    • Implementing in practice
    • Debriefing of the results

Coaching: added value

In the short term the coachee will develop a higher, verifiable competence level in 3 domains thanks to our specific support:

  • Skills = being able
  • Attitude = willingness/being/belief
  • Knowledge = knowing/understanding

‘Practice makes perfect’: this is correct, but… this is true for both good and bad things in your life. During the coaching process we will look for those things that better align with what you want in your life. This also means ‘unlearning’ old habits and ‘learning’ new life patterns.

Coaching: the battle with your ‘inner critic’

Everybody (without exception!) has talents. The goal of coaching is to discover and use these talents.

However, your inner critic (that annoying little voice inside yourself) sometimes blocks this process. Do we have to argue (fight) with our ‘inner critic’ or deny the situation (flight) or… just simply accept (freeze)?

We choose a different path. During the coaching process we engage in dialogue with our ‘inner critic’ in order to ‘free’ our hidden talents so that they come ‘alive’ again.

Abraham Maslow expressed it as follows: “People possess the inner resources for growth; they seek the frontiers of creativity, the highest reaches of consciousness and wisdom. The point is to remove obstacles to the individuals reaching this. If the environment is right, people grow straight and beautiful, actualizing the potentials they have inherited.”

Leadership coaching: our 4 intelligence levels

Each coaching process is directed at our 4 intelligence levels:

  • SQ = spiritual intelligence = meaning and inspiration
  • IQ = intellectual intelligence = rational thinking (concrete/abstract)
  • EQ= emotional intelligence = empathy & social skills
  • PHQ = physical intelligence = physical health & physical awareness

Every coaching question starts from one of the levels, for example:

  • SQ = you don’t understand why your company is evolving in this direction
  • IQ = you are not capable of thinking clearly and so you freeze during a meeting
  • EQ = you are unsure; others annoy you
  • PHQ = you are tired; you lack the necessary energy

Further analysis (intake) often shows that these 4 intelligence levels are interconnected. Our goal is to enhance the ‘total intelligence’. This way the coachee gets a stronger foothold in life.

Coaching process

  1. Intake with coachee and manager (N+1)
    = agreement on the coaching topics, expectations, approach and number of sessions
  2. ‘3 party agreement’ between coachee – manager – coach
    = commitment of the 3 ‘stakeholders’
  3. Coaching sessions (2h/session) at our coaching location
    = planning in mutual agreement
    + Mid-evaluation session = 1h with coachee/1h with manager (N+1)
  4. End evaluation session
    = 1h with coachee/1h with manager (N+1)

Our ‘RIO’ approach:

Step 1: Reality
Step 2: Inzicht
Step 3: Outcome
  • Current reality? (R1)
  • desired reality? (R2)
  • Understanding of ‘R1’ and ‘R2’
  • Knowing the possibilities and the restrictions
  • Based on the new insights
  • Action plan and .. implementation

Our peaceful coaching facilities: indoor or outdoor

We deliberately choose to organise the coaching sessions at our coaching facilities located in a peaceful and green environment, right next to the river Scheldt.
This creates inner peace, leads to deeper concentration and thus has more impact.

The coaching sessions take place

  • in our coaching rooms
  • in our quiet garden
  • or during a walking coaching session along the river Scheldt.

Before, after or during the coaching session the coachee can use our Ikigai Reflection Room, Wi-Fi and drinks included.

’Ikigai’ is a Japanese concept, meaning ‘Reason for being’ or ‘Purpose’.