Leadership training

Leadership: our vision

Leaders are capable of inspiring colleagues to develop their talents and competencies and to use them to the full, so that they can achieve their well-defined common goal together.
Leadership is essentially about activating and developing the individual and common potential.

5 roles

In a leadership training, we focus on 5 essential roles:

  • Leader = creating vision, motivating and inspiring people
  • Manager = being good at organising (from Latin: ‘manus’)
  • Coach = supporting , facilitating
  • Entrepreneur = innovating, daring to take risks
  • Mentor = sharing your wisdom (from Greek mythology: ‘Mentor’)

Content & approach: 6 steps

It goes without saying that the leadership training will be adapted to the specific needs of the client, both on the content and approach level.

Our leadership process consists of 6 steps:

  1. Tailor-made preparation (1/2 day)
    • Meeting with the project leader(s) (1,5 hour)
    • Formatting of the tailor-made training (content & approach)
  2. Kick-off (1/2 day),
    • Participants together with management, N+1 and HR
    • Goal = commitment of all stakeholders
  3. Individual intake & Discussion personality type (2 hours/pp)
    • Sharing personal background information (face to face)
    • Personality profile: MBTI (step 1/step 2) of Insights Discovery in-depth analysis trainee studies the profile afterwards (= saves time during the actual training).
  4. Training sessions : 3 x 2 days
    • Self-Leadership (2 days) + individual assignment
    • People Leadership (2 days) + iindividual assignment
    • Team Leadership (2 days) + individual assignment
  5. Individual coaching (2h/pp)
    • Each participant chooses his/her own topic (personal, work, presentation-preparation,…)
    • Coaching is face to face, by phone or ‘online’ (Skype,…)
  6. Result presentation (1 day)
    • Participants together with management, N+1 and HR
    • Goal = measuring and discussing learning points & concrete results
    • Content
      Morning: individual presentations + Q&A
      1-1 coaching (participant & N+1)
      Debriefing of the conclusions/learning points in group

Our approach

We like an interactive and dynamic approach whereby the participants actively participate based on their questions and experience.
Participants are encouraged to implement their newly-acquired insights effectively in their daily practice (there is no such thing as a free lunch ☺).

Measuring results

‘Personal Development to Performance: that’s our goal: visible and measurable results.
How do we measure this? We agree on this during our tailor made preparation (step1).

Our peaceful training facilities

We prefer a peaceful location so that the team is not disturbed by other groups. In addition flexibility is a ‘must’: a team coach has to be able to respond to the team dynamics in a flexible way.