Leadership coaching

Leadership: our vision

Leadership is about who you are and the impact you have on others. Leadership is essentially: the conscious decision to take responsibility.
Leadership starts therefore with self-leadership: insights into your qualities, your weaknesses and your potential to evolve.
From this self-leadership emerges the strength to influence others on 2 levels: people leadership (1-1) and team leadership (group dynamics).

Coaching: added value

More than ever it is important to coach (new) leaders in their leadership role.
The added value is clear:

  • Conscious use of leadership competencies
  • More impact and better functioning teams
  • Help realising the company goals

Leadership coaching: our 4 intelligence levels

Each coaching process is directed at our 4 intelligence levels:

  • SQ = spiritual intelligence = meaning and inspiration
  • IQ = intellectual intelligence = rational thinking (concrete/abstract)
  • EQ= emotional intelligence = empathy & social skills
  • PHQ = physical intelligence = physical health & physical awareness

During leadership coaching we focus on the 4 intelligence levels, for example:

  • SQ = what you are doing is not in line with your personal values
  • IQ = you can’t think straight anymore, you often suffer ‘black outs’
  • EQ = you are unsure, other people annoy you
  • PHQ = you have no energy, you are constantly tired

The goal of leadership coaching is to make you a stronger leader (again). Therefore we focus on these levels, for example:

  • SQ = we reflect together on what really moves you
  • IQ = think ‘differently’ about situations you encounter
  • EQ = finding ways to be more empathic, less judgemental / more constructive towards others
  • PHQ = make arrangements to really start moving and doing sports

Coaching process

  1. Intake with coachee and manager (N+1)
    = agreement on the coaching topics, expectations, approach and number of session
  2. ‘3 party agreement’ between coachee – manager – coach
    = commitment of the 3 ‘stakeholders’
  3. Coaching sessions (2h/session) at our coaching facilities
    = planning in mutual agreement
    + Mid-evaluation session = 1h with coachee/1h with manager (N+1)
  4. End evaluation session
    = 1h with coachee/1h with manager (N+1)


Our ‘RIO’ approach

Step 1: Reality
Step 2: Inzicht
Step 3: Outcome
  • Current reality? (R1)
  • desired reality? (R2)
  • Understanding of ‘R1’ and ‘R2’
  • Knowing the possibilities and the restrictions
  • Based on the new insights
  • Action plan and .. implementation

Our peaceful coaching facilities: indoor or outdoor

We deliberately choose to organise the coaching sessions at our coaching facilities located in a peaceful and green environment, right next to the river Scheldt.
This creates inner peace, leads to deeper concentration and thus has more impact.

The coaching sessions take place

  • in our coaching rooms
  • in our quiet garden
  • or during a walking coaching session along the river Scheldt.

Before, after or during the coaching session the coachee can use our Ikigai Reflection Room, Wi-Fi and drinks included.

’Ikigai’ is a Japanese concept, meaning ‘Reason for being’ or ‘Purpose’.