Stress & Burn-out Coaching

Stress & Burn-out Coaching: our vision

Stress and burn-out are meanwhile part of our daily reality. The question is: what can we do about it?
We see 3 essential steps:

  • Stop judging and looking for someone to blame
  • Make it an issue open for discussion
  • Look for pragmatic and sustainable solutions together






Our approach

Our peaceful coaching facilities: indoor or outdoor

We deliberately choose to organise the coaching sessions at our coaching facilities located in a peaceful and green environment, right next to the river Scheldt.
This creates inner peace and leads to deeper concentration and thus has more impact.

The coaching sessions take place

  • in our coaching rooms
  • in our quiet garden
  • or during a walking coaching session along the river Scheldt.

Before, after or during the coaching session the coachee can use our Ikigai Reflection Room, Wi-Fi and drinks included.

’Ikigai’ is a Japanese concept, meaning ‘Reason for being’ or ‘Purpose’.