Team: our vision

A team is a complementary group of people who consciously work together to achieve their common goal.

Together Everybody Achieves More’: it’s about ‘together’ (everybody), but also about ‘every individual’ (every ‘body’). These two viewpoints are essential in every team coaching.

Tailor-made preparation = in-depth analysis beforehand

Team coaching does not require a standard ‘solution’. We look for, analyse and discuss together how we can shape the team coaching, both on the content and approach level:

  • Which team?
  • What is the context in which this question is raised?
  • What is the (underlying) question?
  • What are the specific expectations?
  • How do we measure the results of this team coaching?
  • Where do you want to organise the team coaching?
  • How much time do you have?

Kick-off = commitment

First we always organize a brief ‘kick-off’ meeting:

  1. Introduction of the programme and the approach
  2. Feedback of the team members: questions, suggestions, resistance, expectations, …
  3. Modification of the programme on the basis of the input of all team members so that they can react and make suggestions
  4. Individual commitment of each team member

Measuring results

‘Personal Development to Performance’, that is our goal: visible and measurable results.

How do we measure this? We agree on this while preparing for customisation.

Coaching facilities

We prefer a peaceful location so that the team is not disturbed by other groups. In addition flexibility is a ‘must’: a team coach has to be able to respond to the team dynamics in a flexible way.