How much unused potential is there in your company?

unused potential

This is my first blog ever. I have decided to start blogging instead of writing a book 😊.

So, what’s my intention? I want to share my thoughts with you. One thing is for sure: what I write is not the ‘truth’, it’s my view on certain topics. You may like it or not, you may agree or not… or have a different opinion. Great ! Let’s share our ideas and let’s get inspired by our mutual feedback.

This first topic is one of my favourites. As a coach I meet ‘unused potential’ every day. I believe it’s a pity, both for the company and for the person working in the company.

One of my coachees has just stepped into a leadership role after working for more than 15 years. And he’s doing quite well. He did not have the right ‘degree’, he did not have any real experience and he was not really looking for a leadership job in the first place.

What happened? Somebody saw the ‘hidden potential’, talked to him and gave him the opportunity to step into the role, together with a customised coaching track… and clear expectations. It’s great to see him grow !
This is how we see leadership coaching.

Looking forward to your blog feedback.

Jos Moons
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